New Hampshire House Speaker Wants To Cut Voting Rights For Students Because They’re “Voting Liberal”

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Republican New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien is part of a nationwide effort to deny voting rights to students, the disabled, and the elderly. In O’Brien’s case, it’s because college students tend to be liberal.

He said that Plymouth, a college town, experiences 900 same-day voter registrations.

“They are kids voting liberal, voting their feelings, with no life experience,” he said.

So, “life experience” must mean you’re a conservative. Right, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates?  Think Progress notes 22 statehouses in America where conservatives are similarly working to disenfranchise voters. Some examples:

NORTH CAROLINA: Republican legislators have introduced a photo ID bill that the Institute for Southern Studies estimates will cost taxpayers more than $20 million…the legislation’s target is phantom “voter fraud” — even though in 2008 authorities reported only 40 voting irregularities out of 4.3 million votes cast.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Despite dying in the state senate last year, a bill requiring voters to present a photo ID has passed both legislative houses in contentious party-line votes. The two houses will now have to resolve their two different versions. One local NAACP official called the legislation “Jim Crow Jr.”

TEXAS: Despite facing a $10-11 billion budget shortfall, Gov. Rick Perry prioritized a voter ID bill as an “emergency item” last month — forcing the Texas legislature to act on the bill before dealing with the state’s budget crisis. Since then the Senate has passed a voter ID law that would be the most restrictive in the nation…

KANSAS: Monday the State Senate approved legislation, originally proposed by Secretary of State Kris Kobach, that would require proof of citizenship upon registering to vote…

TENNESSEE Two weeks a go, the State Senate passed a bill requiring voters to present a driver’s license before voting. The bill would create a significant burden to voting for the state’s more than 500,000 adults without a driver’s license.

Funny that with states crying poverty and the need for budget cuts that they are promoting voter ID plans that would cost millions of dollars.

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