Why Do Right-Wing Talk Show Hosts Warn Against Democracy. Rush: “They’re Avowed Communists”; Beck: It Means “Destruction”

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Rush Limbaugh referred to the protesters in Egypt as an example of “classic community organizing” as if that’s a bad thing.

And, folks, they are all leftists. They’re feminists. They’re avowed socialists, leftists, communists, environmentalists. I don’t believe this is coincidence that Tunisia then this thing springs up. I don’t believe that this is just spontaneity.”

Glenn Beck said this is “the birth of the new world order,” and worried that this could spread to Europe. (Europe? You mean there is no democracy there yet? Doesn’t the right think Europe is socialist?)

“The most important aspect to understand is this is not spontaneous and it will cascade throughout the Middle East. I hope to God that it does not but I bet it touches Europe and then the world. It will not have a singular ideology but it will mean revolution, destruction, and change and it will be led by young people. Because anyone over 30 knows that chaos never leads to anything good.”

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