GOP Conference Chair Backs Mubarak

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Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, Chair of the House Republican Policy Committee, says the United States must stand with Egyptian President Mubarak and not falsely interpret the uprising as a populist call for democracy.

The Republican congressman from Michigan likened demonstrations in Egypt to “Iran’s 1979 radical revolution.” He cautions that those who “will be tempted to superficially interpret the Egyptian demonstrations as an uprising for populist democracy” should instead “recall how such similar initial views of the 1979 Iranian Revolution were belied by the mullahs’ radical jackbooted murderers.”

McCotter, the chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, called for America to back Egypt, stating, “Thus America must stand with her ally Egypt to preserve an imperfect government capable of reform; and prevent a tyrannical government capable of harm.

“For if Egypt is radicalized, all of the reforms sought by the Egyptian people and supported by the United States with them – including consensual and constitutional government; free elections; open and unbridled media; and Egyptian control of their natural resources – will be lost. Nascent democratic movements in the region will be co-opted and radicalized.”

Of course, all those wonderful, democratic ideals don’t exist under Mubarak, and the hope is that the grassroots, popular dissent playing out will result in those things, possibly at the expense of Mubarak’s rule.

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