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One of the reasons conservatives do well on talk radio and TV is that they are always playing the underdog. Maybe that’s because they are. We are basically a liberal country, as Jerry Springer elucidated on Howard Stern’s radio show (via Mediaite).

“It doesn’t matter who’s president because the Liberals won. In the 1960s, all the protest was on the Left because America was conservative. We have conservative politicians, we give conservative speeches, but on every major issue the liberals have won. We are a liberal country. You can go into the most conservative neighborhood in America and, you go into their home, talk to their kids, and their kids listen to the same music, talk the same way, dress the same way. Culturally we’re liberal.”

Conservatives represent the status quo; however, change happens. Whether it takes a year or a decade, we will have gay marriage in every state in America. Women will continue to have reproductive rights in spite of attempts to take us back last mid-century.  To those who’ve objected to interracial couples, we now have an interracial president.  But it wasn’t that long ago that women didn’t vote, and blacks and whites had separate drinking fountains in America.  Liberals may not win every battle, but we do win every war.

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