Down Goes Michael Steele

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By Yashwanth Manjunath

Michael Steele has been defeated in his quest for a second term as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. It’s tough to know whether to cheer or groan at this news. Steele certainly was a clownish buffoon (and I say that lovingly) prone to numerous gaffes. Among these include calling the stimulus package “bling bling,” suggesting the GOP needs a “hip-hop makeover,” and sending some “slum love” to Louisiana Governor and Indian-American Bobby Jindal. As someone who follows politics closely, the idea that Steele will have a greatly reduced role in our nation’s political discourse is a welcome one. However, Steele’s sheer ineptitude may have saved dozens of Democratic House seats this past November.

The list of self-destructive errors made by Steele during his two years at the helm of the RNC is lengthy. Whether it was racking up massive amounts of debt and leaving the RNC in financial disarray, or leaving an internal memo lying around insulting all Republican donors, both rich and poor. And who can forget the incident involving RNC donor money being spent on topless dancers at the lesbian bondage-themed Voyeur nightclub. If the Republicans had elected a competent leader at the RNC, the Democrats could have lost 100 seats last November. In fairness to Michael Steele, though, a night at Voyeur is certainly a better use of money than electing more Republicans.

So how should liberals react to this news? Should we celebrate or commiserate?

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