Right-Wing Alarmist Pam Geller: The “Ground Zero Mosque” Is The “Second Wave Of The 9/11 Attack”

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Normally I don’t give Pam Geller much credence, as her views are extreme and embarrassing; but she is quoted often in the mainstream media, and held up by conservatives as a serious person.  She received an award at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend “for her efforts in defense of Judeo-Christian civilization,” and continued her vile, incendiary rhetoric. (via Think Progress)

GELLER: You have to understand that we’re in a war. We are at war now. It’s not coming. It’s not around the corner. We’re at war now. The GZM is the second wave of the 9/11 attack.…We are under attack. Obviously, the violent jihad, the academic jihad, the sociological jihad, the cultural jihad, the academic jihad, we have been infiltrated at the senior level of the DOD. …This is not a conventional war. Each one of you must fight this war…you’re each activated….We have not yet recovered the bodies from 9/11 and we’re under attack with ground zero mega mosque. And make no mistake, Cordoba, iconic of Islam’s conquering of the West, it’s quite deliberate….Its a triumphal mosque. Because one shmuck in New York says “it’s a mosque of healing” doesn’t make it so. It’s ridiculous, its insulting.

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