Lisa Murkowski Getting 98% Of Alaska Write-In Votes; Likely Headed For Victory

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With Senator Lisa Murkowski receiving 98% of write-in votes in her campaign to retain her U.S. Senate seat, it is likely she will win, in spite of the Republican Party having nominated Joe Miller. The Miller campaign is not taking it well, calling foul and objecting to even those ballots where Murkowski’s name is spelled correctly.

Miller has challenged about 10 percent of the 45,132 write-in ballots counted so far. But 89.78 percent of the total write-ins have gone to Murkowski without challenge. About 90 percent of the challenges made by Miller’s camp have been rejected by Division of Elections director Gail Fenumiai.

“Often the challenged ballots appear to be filled out correctly including the spelling of Lisa Murkowski’s name,” reported Sean Cockerham of the Anchorage Daily News.

Floyd Brown is acting as an adviser to Miller and is already alleging fraud.  Brown produced the racially-tinged Willie Horton commercials during the Michael Dukakis presidential campaign, among other exploits.

Brown is also a founder of Citizens United: The group’s effort to air a TV hit on Hillary Clinton in 2008 prompted a U.S. Supreme Court decision – overturning 103 years of precedent – that opened the gates for unlimited political spending by corporations, trade groups and labor unions… the Citizens United ruling allowed Native Corporations to form a “SuperPac” called Alaskans Standing Together and spend more than $1 million to boost Murkowski’s reelection.

Brown also pushed the notion that President Obama is a secret Muslim.

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