The Good News For Democrats From Tuesday’s Elections

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by Karolyn Roberts

Yesterday’s election results may have you depressed, but sit up and hear the good news.

At the Good News Network, I am committed to finding the silver lining in stories that make headlines. If you are are depressed about a Republican-majority House of Representatives, keep an open mind to the silver lining. With the two chambers under control by two different parties, controversial or truly bipartisan legislation will likely not be passed.

Furthermore, this election proves that the American microwave society has moved into government. Voters are fickle and they want things to happen immediately. This bodes well for the reelection of  President Obama.

Third, this is Clinton-esque. The last time the Senate was Democratic and the House Republican, Bill Clinton was in office. Even Clinton-haters have to admit the economy was at it its strongest then — there was record job creation, a decrease in poverty, a 15% increase in median household income, record homeownership, and a budget surplus. The complete list of Clinton-era economic highlights is here.

The 1994 Republican rout by overzealous right-wing activists led to a second Clinton term, and it was only a matter of time before Democrats were back in control of first one, and then both chambers, followed by a Democratic president.  We are microwaving at a faster pace, so don’t be surprised if things turn around again, but this time more quickly.

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