Rep. Steve King: If We Don’t Defend Marriage, “Our Children [Will Be] Raised In Warehouses”

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Iowa Congressman Steve King, who is worried that legalizing gay marriage would make his state a “gay mecca,” is campaigning to oust state Supreme Court judges, and worries that allowing gay marriage will mean that children will be “raised in warehouses.” (h/t Think Progress, RightWingWatch.) King told Lynda Waddington of the Iowa Independent that with gay marriage, life, as we know it, would be just about over.

“I think that if we can’t defend marriage, that it becomes very hard to defend life,” King said. “Marriage is the crucible by which we pour all of our values and pass them on to our children, and that is how the culture is renewed each time. So, if we lose marriage — for instance, if our children are raised in warehouses, so to speak. There have been civilizations that have tried to do that. The Spartans did that. They took the children away and taught them to be warriors. It’s a good way to defend a country, but not much of a way to run a civilization.

“So, I’m afraid if that happened — if we lose the marriage, we lose the home, we lose the nuclear family then we can’t teach our values. We won’t be able to teach our faith. We won’t be able to teach life. We won’t be able to teach our Constitutional values either. That’s why I’m afraid it’s going to be very, very difficult to defend life.”

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