If You Believe Juan Williams Shouldn’t Have Been Fired, Where Were You About Imus? Sanchez? Ward Churchill?

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Glenn Greenwald makes some good points about the inconsistency with which we judge the acts of others. Juan Williams should not have been fired, but those who agree with that didn’t always have similar opinions about others who made comments that were not very PC and which offended, resulting in termination.

Professor Ward Churchill was the bogeyman of the right which eventually succeeded in pushing the University of Colorado to fire him for his unpopular speech.  Churchill is still fighting to get his job back. It’s especially chilling when professors at institutions of higher learning have to watch what they say.

Bill Maher lost his “Politically Incorrect” show for saying something that was politically incorrect. Are Juan Williams’ defenders the ones who defended Bill Maher? Imus shouldn’t have been fired from two jobs simply for being Imus. His contract even stipulated that he couldn’t be fired without a warning, a provision which was ignored. As for Rick Sanchez, even the person he criticized, Jon Stewart, said he shouldn’t have been fired.

Yes, let’s stand up for Juan Williams. And Ward Churchill, Bill Maher, Imus, and Rick Sanchez. And, while we’re at it, Helen Thomas.

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