Evangelical David Barton Would Like To “Regulate Homosexuality”

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David Barton, a regular Glenn Beck guest, believes that almost half of all gays have hundreds of sex partners, and that gays are more likely to commit suicide and die decades earlier than straights.  So Barton, who runs WallBuilders, teaches a Christian-themed view of history, and was brought in as an “expert” witness during the Texas textbook hearings, says, “I mean, you go through all this stuff, sounds to me like that’s not very healthy. Why don’t we regulate homosexuality?” (h/t Jillian Rayfield at TPM).  Barton and Rick Green of WallBuilders do a radio show and are promoting the notion of the government regulating gays. RightWingWatch has the audio.

Barton read from what he said was an “1814 legal work”:

Barton: If we reflect on the dreadful consequences of sodomy to a state, and on the extent to which this abominable vice may be secretly carried on and spread, we cannot, on the principles of sound policy, consider the punishment as too severe. For if it once begins to prevail, not only will boys be easily corrupted by adults, but also by other boys; nor will it ever cease; more especially as it must thus soon lose all its shamefulness and infamy and become fashionable and the national taste; and then . . . national weakness, for which all remedies are ineffectual, most inevitably follow; not perhaps in the very first generation, but certainly in the course of the third or fourth. . . . To these evils may be added yet another, viz. that the constitutions of those men who submit to this degradation are, if not always, yet very often, totally destroyed, though in a different way from what is the result of whoredom.

Green: I’ve actually seen you give statistics on what happens in nations that adopt homosexuality and homosexual marriage and how quickly that nation does deteriorate.

Barton: Now this was 1814, but there was a study done back in the 1920s and it looked at eighty-some odd nations and those rejected sexual regulation like with homosexuality, none of them lasted past the third generation from the time that they embraced it. So how ever many it looked at …

So, that’s our solution: we’ll take the country back to the attitudes of 1814, based on some questionable document and views that belong in another century.

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