Conservative Jokester (Correction: Make That “Stalker Wannabe”) James O’Keefe Fails To Punk CNN Reporter

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Right-wing wanna-be “journalist” James O’Keefe, already discredited for playing a fake pimp and for a failed attempt to break into the office of Senator Mary Landrieu, failed again in trying to put one over on a CNN reporter. A document produced by O’Keefe shows that he wanted to get correspondent Abbie Boudreau onto a boat (referred to as “a palace of pleasure) filled with sexually explicit props, to embarrass her and her network. The document indicates sexually explicit emails and comments.

For months, CNN had been following a group of young conservative activists, including Christian Hartsock, the director of [a] music video [featuring O’Keefe]. The activists will be featured in a documentary, “Right On The Edge,” that will air October 2 and 3.

O’Keefe tried to set up a meeting with Boudreau where she would come alone, and in emails with his friends wondered, “You think I could get her on the boat?”

“I just want to talk,” O’Keefe told Boudreau on the phone. “I just want to have a, you know, meeting with you, and talk to you face to face about this. Because, I don’t, I feel sort of, let’s just say reserved about, about letting people into my sort of inner sanctum, about letting, letting people sort of take a glimpse into, into, behind the scenes, so that’s why you know, I just feel more comfortable if it was just me and you and we just had a face-to-face meeting before I agree to, to let you guys come out and shoot the video shoot out there.”

The phone call was recorded without Boudreau’s knowledge, but CNN obtained a copy of the recording after O’Keefe e-mailed it to friends and colleagues. Boudreau agreed to the meeting, which she understood would be in his office.

One of O’Keefe’s co-conspirators, Izzy Santa, became uncomfortable with this plot and gave it away to Boudreau.

“Izzy told me that James was going to be dressed up and have strawberries and champagne on the boat, and he was going to hit on me the whole time,” Boudreau said.

By this time, any credible journalist should know that having nothing to do with James O’Keefe would be the right thing to do.

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