Sharron Angle Is Receiving Government-Run Health Care

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By Yashwanth Manjunath

Already reported here is how Sharron Angle and her husband live off his federal pension. Sharron Angle is also receiving government-run health care. Angle’s campaign told Nevada journalist Jon Ralston on Monday that both Angle and her husband receive health care from the federal government. Angle spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said in a statement:

“Mr. Ted Angle receives his pension through the (federal) Civil Service Retirement System. While it is not supplemented by the federal government, current civil servants pay into the program to pay the schedule of those already retired – much like how the Social Security Program works today. Mr. Angle does not qualify – nor does he receive Social Security benefits. His health insurance plan (the Federal Employee Health Program), which also covers Sharron, is a continuation of what he was receiving while he worked for the federal government.”

The irony and hypocrisy of Sharron Angle’s campaign is too delicious to put into words, but I’ll try my best. Angle’s position on the new health care law is very much on the record. She signed the Club for Growth’s “Repeal-It!” Pledge to “repeal any federal health care takeover” because in her own words, there is “nothing wrong with our health care system.” So Sharron Angle is against government-run health care because the current health care system is just fine, including the part of system that allows her to receive government-run health care. Wait, what?

The statement from Angle’s spokeswoman responding to her hypocrisy is even better. Apparently Angle’s husband does not qualify for Social Security benefits because he receives his benefits through a federal retirement program that works “much like how the Social Security Program works today.” However. as a Senator, Sharron Angle would vote to dismantle Social Security and take retirement money away from everyone else in Nevada. Sharron Angle wants to keep the government out of your life, so that it has more money to spend on her and her husband. Anyone reading this from the great state of Nevada, do the country a favor and don’t let this woman into the United States Senate.

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