Anti-Gay Bullying Continues To Take Lives Of Teenage Boys

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Thirteen-year-old Asher Brown killed himself on September 19 in his home outside of Houston.  His family claims they tried to warn the school that their son was being harassed, but the school claims they received no calls.

He shot himself in the head after enduring what his mother and stepfather say was constant harassment from four other students at Hamilton Middle School in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.

Brown, his family said, was “bullied to death” — picked on for his small size, his religion and because he did not wear designer clothes and shoes. Kids also accused him of being gay, some of them performing mock gay acts on him in his physical education class, his mother and stepfather said.

Asher was bullied up until the day died.

Reports say that boys grabbed Asher in gym class and forced him to pretend that he was having sex with them. In an incident that took place the day before his death, Asher was walking down the stairs at school when a boy purposely tripped him. Asher fell down the stairs to the next landing. His books were scattered on the landing. The other boy then came down and kicked the books down the next flight of stairs. He did the same to Asher as well.

Seth Walsh, also 13, attempted suicide the same day.

Friends and neighbors of Tehachapi 13-year-old who attempted suicide Sunday said the boy is openly gay and was taunted by bullies for years, at school and at a local park. The bullying might have been what led him to try to take his own life, friends said.

Seth died this week.

“He was different. He knew he was different,” [his grandmother Judy Walsh] said. “He was a very loving boy, very kind. He had a beautiful smile. He liked fashion, his friends, talking on the phone. He was artistic and very bright.”

She said that no one person is to blame for Seth’s death. The family has appealed for kindness toward one another and for the community to reject vengeance and anger.


PLEASE please PLEASE, if you have a little brother or cousin or neighbor or anyone whom you think might be gay or might be perceived as gay, talk to them! Encourage open and honest communication. Talk to them about suicide and how that is NOT the answer.

It is really hard to see at 13, but things WILL get better for them.

Suicide is NOT the answer!!!

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