Democrats Don’t Want To Act On Taxes For Fear Of Being Criticized; Republicans Criticize Anyway. Who Could Have Predicted?

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Leave it to Democrats to take lemonade and produce lemons.  In spite of polls showing the majority of Americans want to reverse the Bush tax cuts for the rich, Democrats don’t want to act on it before Election Day for fear they’ll be branded tax-raisers. Sadly, they couldn’t foresee that Republicans were going to do that anyway. The National Republican Campaign Committee is using the Democrats’ inaction to call them tax-hikers:

“Americans are opposed to raising taxes on anyone in this struggling economy, but it seems Democrat leaders in Washington are the only ones who have yet to receive that message. By refusing to address this issue, vulnerable House Democrats can now add the Obama tax hike on small businesses to the long litany of job-killing policies they will be forced to defend between now and Election Day.”

Senator Orrin Hatch is criticizing Democrats for inaction (h/t Plum Line).

“It’s unfortunate that politics has gotten in the way of making sure the American people’s taxes don’t go up. Our economy remains weak and we should take up legislation to provide our job creators and small businesses with economic certainty by stopping these tax hikes,” said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah). “I hope the White House and its allies on Capitol Hill change their mind, because there’s a lot at stake.”

TPM explains how Democrats may yet move forward on a middle-income-only tax cut plan.

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