Christine O’Donnell’s Greatest Hits

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Think Progress has a compendium of the things Christine O’Donnell has said over the years, so we have it nice and tidy, all in one place. Among them:

  • O’Donnell warned coed dorm rooms will lead to ‘orgy rooms.’
  • O’Donnell wants to stop the ‘whole country from having sex.’
  • O’Donnell warned there’s ‘a connection’ between ‘freak dancing’ and ‘date rape.’
  • O’Donnell believes that spouses who have been cheated on possess compromised ‘purity.’
  • O’Donnell believes that handing out condoms at schools is like legalizing drunk driving.
  • O’Donnell argued that distributing condoms is ‘just going to further the spread of AIDS.’
  • O’Donnell believes the proper role of a woman is to ’submit’ to her husband.
  • O’Donnell warned that allowing women to attend military academies ‘cripples the readiness of our defense.’
  • O’Donnell believes Sarah Palin is the ‘epitome of a modern woman.’
  • O’Donnell doesn’t understand why gays get ‘upset’ when called ‘deviant.’
  • O’Donnell believes gays ‘can get away with so much more,’ such as ‘nudity.’
  • O’Donnell is so fervently pro-truth that she wouldn’t lie to Nazis looking for Jews in her home.
  • In a lawsuit, O’Donnell falsely implied she was getting a masters at Princeton.
  • O’Donnell believes that Obama’s liberalism makes him ‘anti-American.’
  • O’Donnell warned that the ACLU is trying to ‘institute a communist country.’
  • O’Donnell warned that former President Clinton hosting a TV show would be a ‘threat to our national security.’
  • O’Donnell believes ‘Sex and the city’ is ‘very dangerous.’
  • O’Donnell advocated military action against Iran.
  • O’Donnell warned China wants to ‘take over America.’

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