Spiritual Messages From 9/11

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Bonnie McEneaney was a happily married wife and mother of four on September 10, 2001.  Her husband, Eamon, had been a Hall of Fame lacrosse player who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Eamon told Bonnie that he had a premonition about a terrorist attack and his own death. Bonnie had always been a skeptic, but began thinking she was receiving communication from Eamon after the tragedy, and she started taking notes and began writing a book.

I began to feel it was almost like a calling. If something positive could come out of this awful tragic event, it would be the stories of love and faith that I was hearing. I ended up conducting nearly 200 interviews with families and friends of 9/11 victims–an interfaith sample of Christians, Jews, and one Muslim. They talked about receiving signs in nature–rainbows, birds and butterflies that appeared almost magically, as well as premonitions. Highly credible men and women told me about visitations where they saw or heard loved ones–or felt their embrace. In some cases, they would feel enveloped by a loved one’s cologne or aftershave. It was truly amazing.

JoAnne, a 9/11 widow, told me that she had grown accustomed to receiving signs from her husband in the form of blinking lights, but nothing prepared her for seeing her husband’s spirit standing in her kitchen.

Lisa, another friend, recounted how her four-year-old daughter, Jacie, was regularly having conversations with her father and some of the other men with whom he worked. They were telling the little girl knock-knock jokes. When Lisa showed her daughter a picture of her father and his friends, Jacie was able to correctly identify all of them by name, even though she hadn’t even met them.

Many of the families Bonnie spoke with said their experiences gave them feelings of peace so that they were less afraid of their own mortality, with one overriding eternal message.

As a former skeptic who has been transformed into a believer, it’s my hope that the spiritual stories surrounding 9/11 will help convince people that love is still the eternal message and that we can all experience faith, hope, and love no matter how tragic the circumstances. I firmly believe that we should take a break from hate and controversy and respect the anniversary of September 11th as a day in which we honor the memory of the victims–our fallen heroes–with love and remembrance.

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