Neocon War Hawks Whining That Bush Not Given Enough Iraq Credit By Obama

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Short of an act many conservatives believe is perverse, President Obama will never be able satisfy their George W. Bush jones.  Today’s right-wing meme of the day is that, in spite of his gracious remarks last night, Obama didn’t proclaim Bush a war genius. And the whining is coming from those who invented and then screwed up the war to begin with.

Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Doug Feith, responsible for “dubious intelligence that fueled the war,” has this critique of the president’s speech:

He didn’t say America is more secure. And that’s the kind of statement that could help explain to the American people why we need to persevere and do all the things that he’s pledging to do in the future. … And then he also, in January of 2007, just when the surge was getting underway, proposed legislation that would have ended the war in March of 2008. And had that legislation succeeded, it would have prevented the success that he celebrated in his speech tonight.

Former National Security Advisor Steven Hadley (pictured), who took the blame for giving President Bush false information used in the 2003 State of the Union speech about Iraq purchasing uranium from Africa, was also in a snit:

“I thought I owed it to the former president that somewhere out there somebody gives him some credit and points out that he’s the one actually that started withdrawing U.S. troops and he’s the one that set up the framework for both a long term relationship with Iraq and a December, 30 2011 end date,” Mr. Hadley said in an interview.

Former Press Secretary Ari Fleischer once again defended the war and said Obama didn’t praise Bush for political reasons. That’s funny, since Obama did praise Bush.

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