The Democrats Get One Right

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By James Frye

The Republican Party is nuts.  I know that; you know that.  Do regular, non-politics junkie voters know that?  The Democratic National Committee is going to help them know that.  Steve Benen of The Washington Monthly has the scoop:

With about nine weeks to go before the midterm elections, the DNC is today rolling out what’s likely to be its final message. To summarize, the pitch effectively tells the public: Republicans aren’t just wrong, this year, they’re kind of crazy.

Democrats unveiled [a] video [below], titled “These People Could be in Charge,” this morning, shining a light on a variety of high-profile GOP candidates. All of those featured appear to be, to varying degrees, stark raving mad.

About time the Democrats made the Republicans own their crazies.  They’re running with  a 24% approval rating for the GOP according to various polls, combined with an unusual amount of high profile nutcases that they’re offering on the ballot.   It’s an old campaign tactic – if you can’t win on your record, you make the other side look worse than you are.  This isn’t entirely true for the Democrats – they do have a superb record of accomplishments over the last two years – but with the economy still in the tank, listing those won’t do the job alone.  The Republicans have handed the Democrats the club to beat them with, and for once they look to be using it.

If I were a GOPer I would be holding off on my “The Republicans won the UNIVERSE in November!” pre-parties and keeping the champagne corked.

Election day this year may be an unpleasant surprise for them.

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By: James Frye

Long time progressive activist in the Pacific Northwest and self-studying student of politics

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