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Michael Hood reports that conservative rock-and-roller Ted Nugent, appearing on a Seattle radio show, referred to President Obama as a “Moslem operative.”

“The White House he told [host] Dori [Monson] is inhabited by the Mao Tse Tung fan club,” and [the president] is the “No. 1 deceiver in the history of mankind.”

He added (rather spectacularly) that Obama “weaseled his way” into power “embracing the Islamic, Muslim, Marxist, Communist and socialist agenda.”

Dori: Do you believe he’s a Muslim?

Nuge: “You’re damn right I do! He says he’s a Christian so he can continue with his jihad of a America-destroying policies.”

Dori: “So you believe he is a Muslim operative who has, through deceit, gotten amazing power in this nation and this world?”

Nuge: You have stated my position exactly.

Nugent recently congratulated his Dubuque audience for being white.

Nugent commented approvingly that he saw so many white people in the audience. He commended Dubuque for being a “white town.” The crowd — not just a few fans here and there — cheered. (That is not to say that everyone in the audience was a Dubuque resident and that everyone cheered. But no expression of disapproval was heard, either; hopefully, some were too shocked to respond.)

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