John McCain Finds His Soul Again

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By Yashwanth Manjunath

Former Maverick turned loyal GOP soldier John McCain seems to have found his soul again. McCain is separating himself from the Republican Party leadership’s latest scheme to repeal the 14th Amendment.  McCain, when asked flat-out if he would support an amendment to repeal birthright citizenship, said “No. I mean, first of all we’d have to have hearings, we’d have to find out what the argument would be, but I certainly don’t at this time.” Apparently McCain does not agree with the rest of his party that “anchor babies” (an offensive phrase in its own right) are the country’s biggest concern when we have nearly 10% unemployment and millions of Americans losing their homes. The Republican Party has become so extreme that supporting the 14th Amendment is outside even their mainstream. Worse, the Republican Party may have actually regressed over 150 years.

Ironically the 14th Amendment was passed almost entirely because of a group of politicians in Congress known as the “Radical Republicans.” The “Radical Republicans” were a group of extremely liberal politicians who were swept into power after the end of the Civil War, and they were so ahead of their time that they actually believed in equal rights and voting rights for black people. Now the current-day Republican Party wants to undo the hard work of their own party. To be fair to modern Republicans, they are now the conservative party when they used to be the liberal party, but how insane is it that 1860’s Republicans were more tolerant than their present-day counterparts?

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