To Conservative Bloggers Obama Worse Than Tim McVeigh; Carter Worse Than Obama; Hillary Worse Than Al Capone

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Tommy Christopher at Mediaite has a run-down of the “25 Worst Figures in American History” as decided by 43 conservative blogs.

Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh could only make it to #9 on the list, while Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama earned the top two spots, respectively. Worst of all, though, is that Snooki doesn’t seem to have gotten a single vote. (h/t Doug Mataconis)

Amazingly so many of history’s evil people are still with us.

18 of the top 25 are liberal figures, 11 of whom are still alive. In all of American history, 11 of the worst 25 villains are still alive?

As Tommy points out, it would be more fun to read if they included some commentary explaining the choices, which they didn’t.

Why is Hillary Clinton worse than Al Capone, or John Wayne Gacy? While the answer might be absurd, it would be a lot more fun to read.

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