Why Taxes Are Such A Potent Issue

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by Jay Diamond

Jay Diamond is a commentator and media activist in New York City. He has broadcast on WABC-AM, WOR-AM, and WEVD-AM in New York.

The momentum, the mass, and the driving force behind the anti-tax, anti-government cult of the last thirty years, has been RACISM.

In the alleged minds of rightist, low-brow talk radio, which represents the thrust and the avante garde of movement rightwingism, any money “Confiscated” from hard working (White) people is simply picked from their pockets and immediately deposited into the pockets of the “undeserving” poor (Blacks) !

That is how taxation, and therefore government, is understood by tens of millions of Americans, owing to the relentless invocation of “redistribution of income”.

Rightwing cadres understand “redistribution” as a racial tax, and a racial transfer, from whites to blacks.

In reality, however, what happens in taxation is the transfer of private assets to a public purpose, and middle class whites are a public purpose, but many of them, owing to innate racism and/or the racism stoked by the low-brow talk radio cadres, are ignorant of the real transfer (to them!), explicit in taxation.

I truly believe that if America were composed wholly of white people, taxation would not be the consuming and destructive issue that it is, absent the convenience of blacks to scapegoat.

The right, and the money interest in the United States, understands perfectly well how they can manipulate the white voter to hurt him/herself on the basis of their misrepresentation of what happens when we are taxed.

Hence, your “Welfare Queen” as a compelling avatar of taxes as a transfer of always hard-earned White money to malingerers (“Blacks”, in the taxonomy of talk radio).

In addition, the schizoid deployment of religion is noteworthy in any discussion of taxation and the public versus the private interest, or for that matter, the mere existence of such a thing as a public purpose.

Please note the blatant irony that so many Americans who purport to love Jesus are also the most ardent and stubborn devotees of Ayn Rand, the dedicated ATHEIST, who averred that belief in Jesus or any God was inimical to the unregulated capitalism that she avowed.

Ayn Rand, the beacon of unencumbered capitalism/feudalism and the hero of America’s rightwing cadres, did not believe in God, and what is more, she relentlessly preached that true capitalism could not exist in a God oriented society, believing, as she did, that religions were based on altruism, a concept for which she had unbridled contempt.

So how is it that so many religious zealots in the USA preach both Ayn Rand and the God she detested because she considered religion as altruistic and therefore in complete opposition to capitalism ?

According to Rand, whom rightists revere, capitalism is the opposite of religion, and capitalism can therefore not coexist with religion.

The rightist hero Rand said this, I didn’t !

American is dying of racism and confusion, based on ignorance and laziness. But not the laziness of those who will not work. The laziness of those who will not think.

Full Disclosure: I once worked in talk radio and became revolted by it’s culture defined by an utter lack of ethics and truth.

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