Israel Hammered By UN On Human Rights

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By Yashwanth Manjunath

The United Nations came down hard today on Israel. A U.N. panel of experts raised concerns about alleged killings and torture of Palestinians as well as other forms of discrimination. The U.N. Human Rights Committee also called today for an end to the blockade of Gaza, (about time). Furthermore, The Human Rights Committee questioned the “independence” of Israel’s inquiry into the May 31st flotilla raid. Apparently the U.N. does not feel that Israel’s inquiry was critical enough of their military and wants to now do its own independent investigation, (only the most obvious thing in the world).

Here is the real question though, in the face of tremendous international pressure on Israel for their human rights violations: What should the United States do as Israel’s closest friend and ally in the world? Should the United States continue to unconditionally support Israel no matter how many human rights violations they incur? Or, like a good friend needs to do from time to time, should our government condemn Israel for their actions and try to steer them back on the right path?

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