Bus Driver Refuses To Take Woman To Planned Parenthood Because They Do Abortions

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Texas bus driver Edwin Graning, of the Capital Area Rural Transportation System, refused to transport a woman to Planned Parenthood. At first he said it was because his wife called them and heard a message that women having abortion complications should call 911.  Then he claimed he called and heard abortions listed among the services.  Graning is suing his former employer for being dismissed for, he claims, his religious beliefs. (h/t Right Wing Watch)

“He called up his supervisor and said, ‘You know, I’m an ordained minister…and Planned Parenthood does abortions. And I don’t know if this lady’s going there for an abortion. However, if she is, I want nothing to do with that,'” [his attorney Edward] White (pictured) accounts. “And so in effect, he was asking for his supervisor to just get one of the other CARTS drivers to pick up this woman.”

CARTS believed Graning’s refusal to answer the call was tantamount to resignation.  Maybe Graning was a seer who knew what the intentions of the rider was.  As RightWingWatch puts it:

Frankly, Graning has no way of knowing what any of his riders intend to do at their destinations.

Can he refuse to transport someone he thinks might be going off to have an affair? Could he deny service to someone he thinks might be going to a gay rights rally? Could he refuse to take someone to the airport because he thought they might be flying to Las Vegas to engage in gambling and prostitution? Where does it end?

Note the headline on the story at OneNewsNow, run by the conservative, Christian, American Family Association: “Pro life views cost bus driver his job.” No, it wasn’t his views that cost him his job; it was his refusal to do his job.

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