God Apparently Tells GOP To Run An Anti-Gay GOP Platform

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by Thomas Wellborn

In keeping with the spirit of the days of King George (W), God is apparently still speaking to conservatives, at least in Texas anyway.  “God” has made it very clear to his Republican friends that he wants their campaigns to be strictly anti-gay.  In fact, conservatives are so frightened of this particular lifestyle, that their new platform has an entire chapter-length section dedicated to the subject.  (h/t change.org)

…According to the Texas GOP, gay people should be arrested and not allowed to parent children. Straight folks who help gay people get into loving relationships? They should be arrested, too. And children should all be taught that homosexuality “tears at the fabric” of society.

Indeed, Texas welcomes you to the Middle Ages.

Listen to Melinda Fredericks, Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas.

“A large portion of our base is Christian, and we believe that homosexuality is contrary to what God says is appropriate behavior,” Fredricks said. She added that “Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable ‘alternative’ lifestyle in our public education and policy, nor should ‘family’ be redefined to include homosexual couples.”

Yikes. Well, it’s a good thing that crazy people can’t easily amend policies to dictate what gets taught in Texas schools.

More and more of late we’ve seen conservatives become very outspoken in support of their guns, money and big corporations, as well as displaying vehement, sometimes violent opposition for anyone who opposes their ideas, the ideas of “Puritanism” (often one in the same), or even absurdly benign “diverse” behaviors such as speaking English with an accent, or working out on your property without a birth certificate tucked at the ready to be produced upon demand.

Ahh America, the land of stark division among progressives who want to move forward to improve human existence, and “regressives” who fear all and any change as they hide in desperate terror behind empty, fear-mongering talking points, lies, and dangerous paranoia.  Don’t bother fighting them with logic – anyone who defends words with anger and violence is best left alone.

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