Jill Lawrence: Liberals Need To Wave The Flag More To Prove They’re Patriotic

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Jill Lawrence at Politics Daily seems to think the paltry number of flags she counts outside houses on her block shows how liberals aren’t patriotic enough. She, of course, is one of the two good Americans on her block.

Once again on a patriotic holiday, only two flags flew on my block, and it breaks my heart. What is it about liberals that makes so many so disinclined to embrace patriotic symbols, to show the world that they care?

My block is in upper Northwest Washington, D.C., a beating heart of liberal America. On the Fourth of July, as usual, one flag was flown by a couple who had long government careers in defense and science. The other was at my house.

Citing how difficult it is for even liberal war heroes like George McGovern and John Kerry to prove their patriotism, Lawrence opines, “The task would be a lot easier for Democrats, particularly presidential candidates, if liberals became unabashed flag-wavers.”

So, let me get this straight. My patriotism is determined by what I put outside my house; conversely, not putting a waving Old Glory for all to see somehow signals that my love of country isn’t up to snuff.  As Greg Sargent puts it:

See, people get to honor their country as they see fit, and there’s no particular reason why their preferred method of expressing patriotism must be visible outside their houses so you can nod in satisfaction as you walk by.

Much as I’d love to impress you, Jill, by showing you how much I love America.

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