After Saying Oil Companies Must Be Held “Accountable” Palin Blasts Obama For Holding BP Accountable

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Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook page that oil companies must be held accountable and bragged about how she “played hardball” with them.

I was about run out of town in Alaska for what critics decried at the time as my “playing hardball with Big Oil,” and those same adversaries (both shortsighted Repubs and Dems) continue to this day to try to discredit my administration’s efforts in holding Big Oil accountable to operate ethically and responsibly.

But at the Oil Palace in Texas, Palin brags about how she came down hard on the oil companies when she was temporarily governor of Alaska, and then attacks President Obama for playing hardball with BP oil, claiming he is ruling by “presidential fiats.” (h/t Think Progress)

PALIN: When I was governor, I had to file an amicus brief against Exxon, in favor of the plaintiffs to get Exxon to finally pay up what they owed Alaskan victims. And thousands of Alaskans in those 20 years, the fishermen, they died. A whole other generation now that finally received some compensation. So, how dare BP put the Gulf victims through such a thing. We have to make sure that BP will not do this. Will not do what Exxon did to Alaskans all those years ago. But see, we’ve learned a lot since then.

We’ve also learned more about government’s proper role and not violating the separation of powers, which I think Obama is kind of flirting with also, some government overreach. We are a rule of laws, not a rule of presidential fiats that I think President Obama would rather have sometimes, it seems. So, anyone who wants to chastise anyone for believing in ‘drill, baby, drill,’ should keep this in mind. I first said those three little words when I was running for the number two job in our country and if I had won, my duty in the White House would have been to help our country towards becoming more energy independent because I understand why we need to be.

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