Bill O’Reilly Lets Michele Bachmann Have It

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Michele Bachmann accused the Obama administration of executive overreach by getting BP to pay $20 billion for a cleanup fund. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t agree that this is a shakedown or extortion, as Bachmann and other Republicans have argued and that, in fact, “This is the best thing Obama did in the whole mess.” (h/t Crooks and Liars)

Bachmann has been out everywhere she can, pushing the GOP meme that the BP escrow fund is Obama “shaking down” and “extorting” BP by demanding that an escrow fund be put up. Watch as Billo asks who else is in a position to do so and Bachmann has to step back into reality, if only momentarily.

Ever so deftly, O’Reilly deftly redirects Bachmann to back pedal on her criticism back to a level where she almost sounds reasonable. Suddenly, her only concern is that the administrator of the escrow fund not be politically motivated and get the funds to the people as soon as possible.

Bachmann is genetically incapable of saying anything positive about President Obama or anything to do with the “Democrat” Party.

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