Sharron Angle Walks Away From “Idiot” Reporter

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Nevada Senate nominee Sharron Angle was asked by KLAS-TV, Las Vegas reporter Nathan Baca to defend some of her previously stated positions on Social Security, the EPA, and her advocacy of the United States pulling out of the UN. Angle walked away after that last question.  Angle’s campaign then referred to Baca as “an idiot.”

The reaction from the Angle campaign was swift. A campaign spokesperson called Nathan Baca “an idiot” and another term that can’t be repeated. The campaign spokesman did say he would detail Angle’s positions, but he refused to answer on camera.

The q and a with Baca is revealing in showing Angle’s inability to be held accountable for her past positions.

“Why do you want to eliminate (Social Security) for younger folks, because your plan calls for transitioning out,” Baca asked.

“You believe the Harry Reid lie,” Angle replied.

When asked to define “transitioning out”, Angle said, “Transition into a personalized account… personalized Social Security accounts that they can’t raid.”

The stock market, Baca countered, almost crashed in 2008, meaning millions of seniors would have had their savings accounts wiped out.

Angle replied, “Now, you’re putting words into my mouth from Harry Reid. I want you to be very clear on this. I’m here to save Social Security… Harry Reid is here to bankrupt Social Security.”

Angle had no problem, immediately after walking away from Baca, giving a 20 minute interview to conservative radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock.

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