Warning: If You Like Soccer You May Hate America

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Gawker shows how conservatives think soccer is un-American. Matthew Philbin at the Media Research Center complains about how the liberal media is forcing “soccer’s square peg in the round hole of American culture.” The evil liberal media is forcing soccer down our throats as Obama is forcing socialism.

…the media are already doing their best to hype it, overstating its popularity in the United States and its potential appeal to U.S. sports fans.

The liberal media have always been uncomfortable with “American exceptionalism” – the belief that the United States is unique among nations, a leader and a force for good. And they are no happier with America’s rejection of soccer than with its rejection of socialism.

The there’s Gary Sshmitt at the American Enterprise Institute who blasts soccer for its un-Americanism because it doesn’t promote exceptionalism.

…my suspicion is that the so-called “beautiful game” is not so beautiful to American sensibilities. We like, as good small “d” democrats, our underdogs for sure but we also still expect folks in the end to get their just desert. And, in sports, that means excellence should prevail. Of course, the fact that is often not the case when it comes to soccer may be precisely the reason the sport is so popular in the countries of Latin America and Europe.

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