Keep It Simple And Corral The Oil

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By The River Wanders

Day 60 of BP’s Gulf oil spill approaches with no conclusive end in sight. Top kill, top hat, and toxic dispersant are about the sum total of BP’s efforts to deal with this disaster. Relief wells – months away from completion – may be the only real end to this man-made environmental nightmare.

True clean-up can’t really begin until the free flow of oil into the Gulf is stopped: it complicates permanent repair of the Deepwater well, it interferes with clean-up of the spilled oil, and it continues to make this bad situation worse. Controlling the leaking oil is a fundamental first step that must be successfully accomplished.

This is the aspect of the disaster recently addressed by The Oil #Corral Project: Containing The Leaking Gulf Oil With a Flexible Duct (see the entire drawing and application here) Developed by @Shoq on Twitter, the idea is efficient, cost-effective, and could help prevent another disaster like this in any part of the world. The Oil Corral could:

– Be built from standard materials in 2-3 days

– Capture the oil while permanent repairs and remediation continue

Be safely used during hurricanes

The concept has been submitted to the labyrinth of BP’s disaster response engineering group; no word yet on where it officially stands.  The only thing that’s clear is that our Gulf is being destroyed by this oil and it needs to stop NOW.

Corralling Hayward’s wayward oil could be Shoqingly simple.

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