Wait Until They Get A Load Of Sharron Angle

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The Nevada GOP’s tea party candidate, now nominated to go up against Harry Reid in November, will have some answering to do for some extreme views. Since she’d be representing Las Vegas, her position that alcohol should be illegal won’t go over well. In discussing her opposition to medical marijuana (“it’s illegal,” she explained) she has also mentioned opposition to alcohol, even though it is legal.

“I would tell you that I have the same feelings about legalizing marijuana, not medical marijuana, but just legalizing marijuana,” Angle offered. “I feel the same about legalizing alcohol.

“The effect on society is so great that I’m just not a real proponent of legalizing any drug or encouraging any drug abuse,” she continued. “I’m elected by the people to protect, and I think that law should protect.”

So how far should government go in legislating morality? Angle believes there’s no way around it. Each and every lawmaker, from city councils to the president’s office, brings their moral convictions to the legislative table. In one way or another, from business practices to war, morals are going to be influenced and legislated.

“I don’t think you can get away from that; people just make value judgments,” she said. “We’re not a neutral society. Politics, especially, are not neutral and no one can come to the table value-less or moral-less.

“I have a very well-developed sense of right and wrong,” she continued, “so I would say to you that it’s not a political thing with me, but a character thing.”

And yet she wants to represent “Sin City.”

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