Palin Gets It Wrong About Thomas; Has Nixon’s “Jew Counter” As Top Aide

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Sarah Palin has taken to Twitter to denounce both Helen Thomas for her remarks, and the press for supporting them. Only problem is, the press did not support them.

Her Tweet–

–just isn’t true.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher was in the White House press room and can testify:

I was in the White House briefing room today, and I can tell you that Palin’s tweet couldn’t be further from the truth.

That doesn’t appear to matter much to Palin, since she sent her tweet Saturday night, when the bulk of the White House press corps had probably not even heard the remarks yet, much less “condoned” them.

In fact, I was surprised by the strength of the reactions from White House reporters, considering how well-liked Helen is. This was before she announced her retirement, and while most agreed that Ari Fleischer’s suggestion that she be fired was excessive, not a word was spoken in defense, or mitigation of, her remarks. There were many who agreed with Joe Klein’s prescription, that Helen be removed from her front row center seat, and a few remarked that her apology was weak.

Palin’s outrage about Helen Thomas ignores that one of her top advisers, Fred Malek, was charged by Richard Nixon with finding out how many Jews were in “sensitive” government jobs, something that was known for years, but verified by newly-released tapes.

“The government is full of Jews,” Nixon griped to chief aide H.R. Haldeman in a July 1971 Oval Office recording released by the University of Virginia’s Miller Center on Thursday. “Most Jews are disloyal.”

The Republican President, who resigned amid the Watergate scandal in 1974, said he wanted Malek in charge of cleaning Jews out of “any sensitive areas.”

“We’ve got to get a man in charge who is not Jewish to control the Jewish – do you understand?” Nixon said.

“I sure do,” Haldeman answered.

Ultimately, Malek turned over a list of more than a dozen Jews in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, files show. Most were fired.

What Malek did was to actively help cleanse Jews from the Nixon administration. What Thomas did was to make a highly offensive remark. Thomas lost her job and her career.  Malek continues to be a valued GOP operative. Malek has apologized.  So has Thomas. Is only one of those apologies acceptable?

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