Liz Cheney Has Brief Encounter With Reality

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by Thomas Wellborn

Liz Cheney has been sinking her claws into the Obama administration on many issues lately, including current incidents involving Israel and Palestine.  Cheney:

“President Obama is contributing to the isolation of Israel, and sending a clear signal to the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian axis that their methods for ostracizing Israel will succeed.”

However, on Sunday, Ms. Cheney “suffered” from a brief lapse of reality when she suddenly and unexpectedly acknowledged George W. Bush’s role of responsibility for Hamas’ near-occupation of Gaza.

Bush’s action in support of Fatah was defeated, and led to the Hamas takeover of Gaza, which ultimately paved the way for victory for Hamas at the polls.  In response, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice uttered a variation of one of her favorite statements: “Nobody saw it coming.”

During discussions with Arianna Huffington and Jake Tapper on ABC’s This Week, Cheney admitted elections compelled by the Bush administration were a mistake:

HUFFINGTON: The Hamas government is a terrorist organization. Nobody’s saying anything contrary to that. The Hamas government is a terrorist organization that won an election, an election that Bush, Cheney and Condi Rice encouraged to happen.

TAPPER: …[To Cheney] You were at the State Department in 2005 and 2006 when these elections were pushed forward and some people were saying, “don’t do it, they’re not ready for it.” Do you think that was a mistake in retrospect?

CHENEY: I do. I don’t think they were ready for it. I don’t think we should have pushed it.

Can this admittance by Cheney be considered to be damning to her own father?  Perhaps not so much, but this is the closest she’s come yet to being honest enough to admit mistakes were made during the eight torrential years that were the Bush administration.

Cheney claimed the January 2006 elections pushed by the Bush administration were a mistake:

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