The Impeachment Of Barack Obama

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By William K. Wolfrum

A while back, my friend Sam Antar – a former key player in the infamous and egregious “Crazy Eddie’s” fraud – told me that it was just a matter of time before Barack Obama faced impeachment charges.

“With all the stimulus money going out, the Republicans will eventually find some corruption charge they think will stick,” said Antar, now a corporate whistle-blower who tends to view things from a non-partisan prism. “It’s just a matter of time.”

While Antar may have had his finger on the pulse of American politics, he did make one minor error – assuming the Republican Party will need a valid reason to begin impeachment charges against Obama. Recently, we’ve gotten a glimpse of just how little the GOP will need to begin destroying the Obama Presidency, as Liz Cheney called for a federal investigation into the complete non-scandal of Joe Sestak getting a job offer from the White House so he’d drop out of the Senate race in Pennsylvania.

Putting aside the almost other-worldly hypocrisy of someone named Cheney demanding a federal investigation into the Executive Branch, the Sestak screwiness should open the eyes of the liberal establishment, if they aren’t open already. Republicans will impeach Barack Obama – on any charge they can find – just as soon as they have better numbers in Congress.

We’ve been through this before, of course. When faced with a popular, charismatic Democratic President in Bill Clinton, Republicans showed absolutely no shame is slamming the brakes on the Federal Government in order to impeach or, at very least, humiliate Clinton. In the end, the plan worked brilliantly, as George W. Bush was promoted as a great “moral leader” and won the Presidency over Al Gore in 2000. And while many will still dispute the outcome of the 2000 election, the simple fact is that it would have never even been close if not for the impeachment of Clinton.

In a purely Machiavellian sense, Republicans have always seemed to understand the game in ways Democrats don’t. Because while American Conservatism is an ideology with few new ideas or plans, it is also an ideology that understands that power is the only thing that really matters. And they have proven extremely adept at regaining power, regardless of past performances in governing.

Republicans can not beat Obama at the ballot box. But you can be assured that they will do all they can so that his legacy is terribly tainted in scandal. There is just no way the GOP will allow Obama to serve out eight years and leave office with a strong record of liberal accomplishment that he can hand over to a Democratic successor. Simply put, for Republicans, Barack Obama must be destroyed and completely invalidated before his term or terms are over.

Republicans will attempt to impeach Barack Obama. The “why” of the matter is completely insignificant. They’ll find something and work overtime to make it appear to be the Greatest Scandal Ever. It’s just a matter of time. Provided, of course, that they have the numbers.

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By: William K. Wolfrum

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