J.D. Hayworth: For A Pathway To Citizenship Before He Was Against It

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Arizona candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, J.D. Hayworth, has run his campaign on criticism of opponent John McCain for McCain’s election year conversion on immigration reform. But Hayworth was also for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants before he was against it.  Asked to explain this on “Meet the Press”, Hayworth says that 9/11 “helped the scales fall from my eyes.” (via Think Progress)

[David] GREGORY: Going back to 2001, you actually believed in a guest worker program. You believed in a path towards citizenship which you now call amnesty. Sen. McCain was a champion of comprehensive reform with Sen. Kennedy. Back during the Bush administration. […] How does your position really differ from him?

HAYWORTH: Well it differs profoundly because what happened on 9/11 helped the scales fall from my eyes. I understand that national security is border security. And I understand that we must enforce the laws.

How many terrorists have come to the United States through the Mexican border again?

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