Gawker: The “Idiots” Responsible For the Oil Leak

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At Gawker, they have the rogues gallery or, as they call them, “idiots” responsible for the fact that oil is still gushing a month after the fact. Just a sample:

Chris Oynes, associate director of Offshore Energy and Minerals Management: Chris Oynes, a stellar exemplar of civil service, once cost taxpayers $10 billion dollars by forgetting to force oil companies to pay royalties on the oil they found in the Gulf of Mexico. And then, because of our awesome meritocratic government, he was put in charge of all offshore drilling!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney: What a surprise, that Dick Cheney would be involved with one of the worst environmental catastrophes in U.S. history. The man behind such other unmitigated disasters like “The Bush Presidency,” “Shooting His Friend in the Face” and “Liz Cheney” once ran an energy task force that decided that the $500,000 remote shut-off switches that could have stopped the leak were a little bit too expensive for struggling oil companies like BP.

BP CEO Tony Hayward: A long time ago—OK, just a few years ago—BP branded themselves as the hip “green” energy company that lived in Portland and rode a bike to work and drank kombucha tea. What happened there? Tony Hayward took over! Hayward shut down all the alternative energy programs under the company’s aegis and decided to go full speed ahead with the “f-safety” strategies—exemplified in this memo.

And there’s more.

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