Palin Claims Obama Would Ban Guns And Ammunition If He Could

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Speaking to the NRA, Sarah Palin claimed that the only reason President Obama isn’t banning guns is because of political backlash.

“Don’t doubt for a minute that, if they thought they could get away with it, they would ban guns and ban ammunition and gut the Second Amendment,” said Palin, a lifelong NRA member who once had a baby shower at a local gun range in Alaska. “It’s the job of all of us at the NRA and its allies to stop them in their tracks.”

“You don’t want to mess with moms who are rising up,” Palin said at the Susan B. Anthony List event. “If you thought pit bulls were tough, you don’t want to mess with mama grizzlies.”

Palin also said that when she found out her son would have Down syndrome, she considered abortion for “a fleeting moment,” but went on to declare the procedure immoral and that bringing a fetus to term is “always the right path.”

She said Obama is “the most pro-abortion president ever to occupy the White House” and asserted that the health care law would fund abortions.

In fact, Obama’s health care law would not allow federal dollars to pay for elective abortions. Catholic hospitals and organizations of Catholic nuns backed the measure. U.S. Catholic bishops and major anti-abortion groups opposed it, arguing that federal dollars could end up paying for abortions.

Add these falsehoods to the misstatements about “death panels” and the false claim that Obama wants a pay decrease for soldiers, and a rather robust record of inaccuracies is being developed.

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