Tennessee Republicans Pushing Guns In Bars

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Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen (pictured) is deciding whether or not to veto a new bill that would allow guns in bars.
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Bredesen vetoed a similar measure last year flanked by law enforcement and prosecutors who opposed the bill, but he was easily overriden by the Legislature. The law was later declared unconstitutionally vague, so lawmakers this year passed a new version to try to eliminate any ambiguities.

Last year’s version sought to exclude establishments that predominantly serve alcohol, but Tennessee makes no legal distinction between bars and restaurants. This year’s bill makes no exclusions for where guns can be carried, as long as permit holders don’t consume alcohol.

The gun lobby is working to allow guns and alcohol to mix.  The NRA is so influential with legislators that they feel they have to vote to satisfy the pro-gun group even as they know they’re supporting bad policy.  Rep. Joe McCord of Maryville acknowledged as much.  McCord backs the bill and criticizes the NRA for influencing legislators to vote for it.

‘Essentially, NRA is saying to us, if you don’t support and vote for carrying guns in bars, we will not endorse you,’ McCord said. ‘This line of reasoning borders on lunacy.

‘What line will we not cross for the NRA? At what point do we say that’s too much?’ asked McCord, who is not seeking re-election. ‘I’m sorry for those of you who feel you have to hold your nose and vote for it … because of the NRA.’

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