Tea Partiers Say They Want Less Government; So Where Are They On Arizona’s Immigraton Law?

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Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post correctly characterizes Arizona’s new immigration law as “an abomination — racist, arbitrary, oppressive, mean-spirited, unjust.”  Tea partiers’ main premise is that the government is too intrusive into our lives and needs to be abated. So why aren’t they front and center protesting a law that requires immigrants to carry papers at all times and tells authorities to demand proof that anyone stopped isn’t here illegally? And why aren’t these anti-tax protesters angry that their dollars are likely to go to defend the state against lawsuits?
(h/t Think Progress)

As Robinson opines:

It seems to me that a law allowing individuals to be detained and interrogated on a whim — and requiring legal residents to carry identification documents, as in a police state — would send the Tea Partyers into apoplexy. Or is there some kind of exception if the people whose freedoms are being taken away happen to have brown skin and might speak Spanish?

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