The Arizona Stunt

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by The Professor

Much of the chatter on the Arizona anti-immigration stunt raises the question of enforcing existing laws against hiring undocumented aliens. At the heart of the thing, there’s an economic dynamic, so let’s think about this in terms of supply and demand. Oh, and it’s sort of about racism, too.

People from other countries risk life and limb to come to America and work. Some steal, and some kill, but some of our fine home-grown citizens steal and kill, sometimes each other.

So, let’s assume that the percentage of criminals is roughly the same across all categories of people. Remember, saying that Mexicans, for example, have a higher “natural” crime rate than non-Mexicans is kind of racist, so anyone’s who’s saying that, please say it directly to my face, clearly, and loudly so Alan and I can hear you. And if you do, you better bring data.

Now, it may well be that there are regional concentrations of crimes committed by illegal aliens, but according to at least one credible source, the overall crime indices for violent and property crimes are the same for Tucson, Arizona as they are for Boston, Massachusetts.

And, yes, I’ll bet more of the crimes in Tucson are committed by illegal aliens than Boston because there are probably more undocumented aliens in Tucson than Boston.  C:duh!

Whatever, let’s just assume this sector of the labor supply is illegal, but here they are.

Now, they find work and they stay.  They’re not supposed to find work, because there’s a law against it.  But they do.

So, now in addition to the criminals you’ve got a Big Bowl of Human Beings who drive deep fryers of fast food chains and trim palmetto plants and clean toilets and do work that Americans, educated or otherwise, don’t want. The moment white people can hand the basket from the McDonalds’ fryer back to brown people, they will.  The capital markets seem to be returning and the labor markets will lag by 18 months, but they will turn better, and we will establish a new normal.

But the law prohibiting hiring illegal aliens affects employers.  Employers are mostly white people with money.  Folks, see where we’re going….

It’s just so much more palatable in this Tea Bag World to just do something public to assuage a noisy discontented bunch to assure their votes in a primary election.

C’mon America — we’re better than this!

I’m just sayin…

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