Right Wing Struggling To Draw Equivalency With Obama-Bashing

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The right wing is circulating photos showing the hatred the left has had toward George W. Bush, as Shoq Value documents. It’s clear they’re playing the game called, “The other side does it, too.”  As Shoq and his investigative partner Karoli are keeping an eye on this, it can’t be ignored that the veracity of these photos is not always easy to verify. For example:

  • The page in question is a collection of photos submitted to the sharing site, binscorner.com, by a “user” named “PortoNovo KajaNazimudeen.”
  • None of the source links work.

And, as Shoq mentions, context and degree counts.  As Kathleen Parker writes in the Washington Post:

…words matter, as we never tire of saying. And these are especially sensitive times, given our first African American president and unavoidable fears about the worst-case scenario. If Jodie Foster could bestir the imagination of Hinckley, a Sarah Palin in the Internet age could move regiments.

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