Anti-Census Paranoia Round-Up

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Talking Points Memo has a round-up of the anti-Census hysteria, grounded in outright paranoia.

  • Last week, Limbaugh wondered aloud about whether the bureau was deliberately skipping Republican neighborhoods.

This one is hilarious, given that it’s exactly the other way around. Red state neighborhoods are full of people who are so paranoid they don’t want to fill out the census.

  • [Congresswoman Michele Bachmann] announced that her family wouldn’t fill out the census entirely but would only put down the number of people in their home. Bachmann has since retreated from such statements.
  • Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), perhaps the House’s most staunch Libertarian, warned in a column last month that census data has been abused in the past. He used both the internment example and said the IRS has used census data in order to catch alleged tax evaders.
  • The far-far-right website World Net Daily suggests the government could use data to round up and deport illegal immigrants.
  • has a few theories of its own: The census is pushing the country toward “redefining marriage” by allowing gay couples to fill out their forms as a married couple, regardless of whether their state recognizes gay marriage. It’s working with community organizers to count illegal immigrants. It’s sending some people two forms, risking double-counting.

It appears as though paranoia is part of the right’s psychological make-up, doesn’t it?

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