Rove Acts Annoyed By Attempted Citizen’s Arrest Media Storm

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by Thomas Wellborn

“Code Pink” co-founder Jodie Evans’s attempt to arrest Karl Rove earlier this week at a book signing event has created a flurry of stories in media-land, both liberal and conservative.  “You outed a CIA officer; you lied to take us to war,” she told Rove at the Beverly Hills event, even going so far as to brandish a real pair of handcuffs.  Rove excused Evans’ actions to his audience by saying it “shows the totalitarianism of the left.”  During a Fox News interview last night on The O’Reilly Factor, Mr. Rove lamented over all the media attention the incident had created.

ROVE: Well, you know, what was interesting was I thought this was a well-organized event, it was supposed to be a prestige venue as my publisher said and it was the first and it will be the last book tour stop I have where there was not security. But, you know what? I wish there wasn’t so much attention paid to it. Because I had a fantastic swing through California.

I for one feel sorry for Mr. Rove’s victimization. He knows he is a controversial figure and that by remaining in the public eye, as he has chosen to do, this comes with the territory. As O’Reilly put it to Rove, “Didn’t you expect it?” It probably also helps him with his base and sells books.  Secretly, given that he has a strong platform from which to continue to defend his legacy, he may welcome the attention.

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