The Republican National Committee’s Sartorial Hunger

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by The River Wanders

I remember an episode of “Sex and the City” where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, said that when she first came to New York she bought Vogue rather than dinner because she felt it “fed her more.” Apparently the Republican National Committee (RNC) feels the same way about fashion.

Lindsay Beyerstein sheds bright light on the shiny new accounting methods now employed by the RNC.

“Meals” – a legitimate category of reimbursable expense – apparently includes pants, skirts and blouses. Purchases of clothing totaling $950 were reimbursed to RNC Deputy Finance Director Debbie LeHardy, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. “Office Supplies” isn’t the same old parking place for paper clips, rubber bands, or toner anymore; it too includes clothing. Fashionable RNC purchases of $3,800 (totted to the “office supplies” column) were made from another Florida “specialty department store” which states it does not sell office supplies. I’m left to wonder if there’s any category that doesn’t include clothing…

Tips. “Tips” shouldn’t have anything to do with clothing – they’re simply gratuities paid to wait staff who provide excellent service. Tips of $2,800 (spent over 3 months) were also reimbursed to LeHardy. At the standard 20%, LeHardy must have spent about $28,000 on “Meals,” right? The RNC’s “hunger” looks more and more like an eating disorder (or accounting disaster).

At least other RNC purchases offer some level of sustenance: the bondage-themed nightclub serves food and there are calories in liquor. I’m hard-pressed to believe that anyone at the RNC is eating socks even if they’re made from 100% organic cotton. Who knows, really? Maybe they’re a tasty appetizer for crow.

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