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From: David
Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 2:27 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Hey Colmes

Hey Colmes,

I can see why Hannity got rid of your ass.  I don’t hear anything else about the Tea Party Racism claims (in a week) unless it is coming from you, shut up already and quit inciting this crap.  You are a left loon hypocrit who when libs were bashing Bush or still bashing Bush you have nothing to say, but when someone questions our first black president or anyone on the left in Congress there is an uproar and it is extremism or racism, you are so devisive, STFU already.  Where are you going to hide when this country tanks because of the debt this administration is slapping America with and we come looking for all you loons that supported this crap.  You better have another house in another country.  Someone is going to be responsible for this mess and it isn’t going to be tea partiers.  You left loons have not patriotism for your country or the history of this country, that is quite evident.

You are going to come looking for me? Bring an adult.

From: DF
Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 3:15 PM
To: Alan
Subject: for alan

You SOB your the race bait-or. if you ever made that claim on my tv or radio show that the TEA PART-IERS are racists I would have knocked you on your ass…………. I voted for that guy calling himself my president, and I will rue that day until I die……..The man’s an narcissist like yourself and god only knows why you are ! How your wife puts up with you is beyond my comprehension, prediction she will divorce you within the next two years, you liberals are so out of touch with reality it boggles one’s mind ! I gave obama the benefit of the doubt…unfortunately he is doing his best to destroy all races including himself, who is half white half black…You know whats wrong with the USA Alan it’s the jackasses who keep voting for the same people year end and year out back in, no matter what they stand for, my dad would have voted for Porky Pig if he ran on  the democratic platform ! I bet you would do the same thing, the lunatic fringe is in charge, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye ahh bedeeya bedeeya bedeeya….THAT’s ALL FOLKS!” !  God you people make me sick….. I want my country back god dammit, and mark my words we will get it !…I wish I was about 30yrs younger, and you would get to know me a whole lot better !! Go Tea Party rock on !

Nice that you would want to “get to know me” if you were a younger man. Chances are, though you’re not my type.  But at least you don’t use intimidation, or threaten physical harm…oh wait…

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