Why Are Some Right-Wingers Defending Terror Suspects?

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Is terrorism only terrorism when it’s instigated by Muslims?  It seems so, to those who want to give a pass to so-called “Christian” militia groups, and make excuses for their alleged actions. Nine militia group members were arrested over the weekend, with charges such as seditious conspiracy and use of WMD.  So is the anti-terror crowd pleased with the FBI’s good work? Not quite. (h/t FireDogLake)

Glenn Reynolds smells a politically-motivated conspiracy.


So does American Power.

Hey, is the administration taking after Christian militias to get in good with CAIR and the neo-communist left?

Dan Riehl finds something about the terrorists to praise.

Just three days ago, members of the group were assisting LE in a rescue search. Must be some really evil people there, what?

Classical Values sees nothing illegal going on.

Last time I looked, wanting to start a civil war (insane as it is) was not a crime.

You can hear echoes of “black helicopters” and “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco” in Confederate Yankee’s lament.

I question the wisdom of using such heavy forces (including armored vehicles and helicopters according to witness reports), when light, fast and quiet raids would have been at least as effective. More than the timing, I question the leadership.

And Roy Edroso flagged this reader’s comment at NRO.

We have to take a stand against creeping totalitarianism. I’ll take the risk that the regime will somehow get the NRO donation list and use it to round up the freedom-loving counterrevolutionaries.

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