Erick Erickson: Because There’s No Video Of N-Word Hurled At Cong. John Lewis, “It Didn’t Happen”

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Erick Erickson on CNN claims that because there is no video of John Lewis being called the n-word, it didn’t happen.

ERICKSON: Well you know I think it’s very hard to throw the circuit breaker when you have got Democrats making disingenuous arguments, making claims that aren’t existing. I mean take, for example, the John Lewis racial epithet that all the video shows didn’t happen or the Sarah Palin nonsense that she’s putting targets on Democratic districts. That’s been going on since I’ve been in politics for the last decade and a half.

What’s that again? The “video shows it didn’t happen”?  Because there is no video of John Lewis being the recipient of a vile attack it just could not be?  This has been the right-wing meme ever since a series of unfortunate events promulgated by their loss in the health care debate.  From now on, the standard is: If I didn’t see it, then whoever says it is a liar. I want videotape of President Obama being born in Kenya. How about proof he’s a Muslim by showing him praying in a mosque. From now on whenever any claim is made about a liberal or a Democrat: produce the tape!

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