Threat to Rep. Harry Mitchell: “I wish a panty bomber would come in and just f*king blow your place up”

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by Thomas Wellborn

Yet another instance of a series of violent threats sweeping across the country has come to light, this time in the form of recorded threats to the office of Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ).

via Andrea Mitchell (video below):

Woman caller: You are going to have to look over your f*&king shoulder because people in your district hate your f*&king face. I love my insurance company and to have you come between me and my f*&king doctor. I cannot tell you how much I wish a panty bomber would come in and just f*&king blow your place up.

Phoenix Business Journal:

“Congressman Mitchell’s life was threatened both prior to and following the vote,” said press secretary Adam Bozzi.

Bozzi said Mitchell also received calls at his Tempe home and someone left a note about health care with coal and dog feces at his congressional office in suburban Phoenix.

One caller said she was so filled with rage that the Congressman should ‘watch his back’ and called for a bomber to blow up his Scottsdale office, Bozzi said. “His wife has been harassed at their Tempe home, and his son – a Tempe city councilman – also received menacing calls, as well,” Bozzi said.

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